“As one develops an interest in business, one develops an interest in the community. It is not a question of giving time but of seeing needs; and those needs become part of one’s personal agenda”

Murray B. Koffler (Founder of Shoppers Drug Mart)

Where we work, is where you live!

“Having a sincere interest in what you are doing is the real key to success.  The best part of our job is developing relationships with the people we meet and working together to help them sell their house and/or find their new homes. Whether it be a small downtown condo or a multi-million dollar house, we feel  at the top of our game when we are helping individuals and families with their real estate needs.”

Jeff & Joe

An exciting benefit that my commitment and experience in this profession for over 30 years has brought to our business is the extensive referral network that literally reaches across the globe. We know other courteous, professional realtors who work in both cottage country and metropolitan areas in the Unites States, South America, Asia and Europe. So call us to help make your relocation as easy and enjoyable as possible!

 For us, it’s  a family business. Let our family help your family!